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Q&A: Anthony Trucks, THE Trucks Training
October 21, 2008, 8:37 pm
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Hi Everyone,

I know what you are thinking. Way to pull an A-Ross and go three weeks without a Q&A. What can I say? I’ve been busy. And, a little flaky, but here we are again.

By the way, the Q&As will likely start to take different forms as I attempt to break the Oregon football player streak. Because, I have questions for people. And some of these people don’t play sports or write about sports.

So, if you see a Q&A with Sanchez asking him why he likes to play at 3 a.m. or with my mom asking why she calls at 7 a.m. on a Sunday, that is why. Curiosity is killing me these days.

Back to this week. There’s no better person to reintroduce the Q&A than Anthony Trucks. I don’t think you’d meet a more solid person both on the field and off. His son and wife attended practice most days and you’d never meet a sweeter family.

Not to mention, AT was somewhat of a badass. Period. But, you wouldn’t have been able to tell that by just having a conversation with him off the field. He also reflects linebackers Don Pellum in that he never seemed to be satisfied and continued to work hard even through his last days.

Trucks Family At Holiday Bowl vs. Oklahoma

1) Introduce Yourself: My name is Anthony Trucks, former University of Oregon linebacker. My senior year I led the pac-10 in sacks, tackles-for-loss, forced fumbles, and fumbles recovered, and was fifth in the conference in total tackles.

2) What have you been up to since graduating from Oregon?: Since graduating, I have played with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, The Washington Redskins, and, most recently the Pittsburgh Steelers. I tore cartilage in my left shoulder in the first preseason game and after extensive rehab I am having season ending surgery to repair it. Since I have been home I have started to build an athletic performance company called Trucks Training.

3) What do you miss most about Eugene? There are so many things that I miss about Oregon. Oregon is basically where I grew from boy into a man. I miss my teammates, friends, coaches, all the people of Eugene and the list goes on.

4) What do you miss most about being on the Oregon football team? The Oregon football team is unlike any other I have been on. The pride that I have for what our team accomplished is unmatched to anywhere I have been. I miss “Oregon Football”, period. The type of work ethic and camaraderie we had makes me wish I could play there forever.

5) Describe the feeling of running down the tunnel and into Autzen Stadium for the first time: The feeling of running down the tunnels gives me chills just thinking about it right now. I can feel the skin on my head tighten just thinking about being able to run out onto that field with the fans so loud that I can’t hear myself think. There is no feeling that can match it and none that ever will. Especially when that Harley engine roars up and you can almost feel your heart jump out of your chest.

6) You have an amazing family. Do you think your kids will be athletes? I just want my kids to do anything they want to. I would obviously love for my children play sports but that is a decision for them to make when the time comes. With that said my son Anthony Mack Trucks is going to be a MONSTER!!!!!!! LOL.

7) If you were stranded on a desert island, name three things you couldn’t live without: If I was stranded on desert island I would have to have my wife, son, and food. When I have more kids then they will take the place of food.

8) Do you keep up with the current Oregon team? If so, talk about the linebackers:
I do somewhat keep up with the team and from what I’ve seen the linebackers are doing alright. But there’s always room to improve until we have an All-American playing out there.

9) Who would win a 40-yard dash: Coach Pellum or Brent Haberly? I dont know who would win. Habs would say he would, but D.P. is a tricky man he might just trip Habs before he got a chance to get off the line LOL!!

10) What’s your guilty pleasure television show? I cannot get enough Heroes and Fringe when it comes to TV. I’m into that Sci Fi futuristic type stuff.

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The Ducks could definitely use A-Trucks this season.

Comment by REM503

AT was one of those athletes that Oregon’s team is built around. He wasn’t flashy but he came in, worked hard, and bypassed all expectations. He is one of the athletes that give you the sense of pride to work with. Best of luck to him and his family.

Comment by Laef

Anthony Trucks’ Junior-to-Senior improvement was among the best improvements I’ve ever seen in any player (well, Dennis too…)Anthony Trucks was one of my favorites when I was about 10. Classy player. And like you said, total badass. Best of luck with your rehabbing Anthony.

Comment by Quinn

Trucks,We all know that Habz would win the race, especially if you were coming after him w/a pellet gun…

Comment by Woody Wommack

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